Prohibited Items

OC Moving Services can provide you with moving services for most of your household belongings. However, there are certain items that are prohibited due to government regulations and liability reasons. Please view the list below and take the necessary arrangements to transport any of the listed items you may have.

Flammable Items

Gas tank, pesticides, fertilizer, fire extinguishers, fireworks, fuels/oils, kerosene, loaded guns, paint thinners, aerosol cans, ammonia, ammunition, car batteries, poisons, pool chemicals, charcoal/lighter fluid, darkroom chemicals, paints/varnishes, propane tanks, scuba tanks, sterno fuel, perishable items (frozen foods, open foods, produce).

Personal Belongings

  1. Important Document: Tax returns, car titles, airplane tickets, checkbooks, insurance policies, other important records and work files.
  2. Valuables: Cash, jewelry, car keys, cell phone, computers.
  3. Others: Medicine, plants, pets.